World’s most used 3D printing process

3D Printer

Today let’s take a Profound Knowledge that How 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing Works.  Previously, we have already discussed about various Segment and Industries for 3D Printing. Let read about world’s most used 3D Printing process.

World's most used 3D printing process

Steps by Step Process of 3D Printing

1. Firstly you need a 3D Model or Digital File in Specific Format for 3D Printing Process. Most used digital formats are .obj, .stl, 3MF and mostly used software’s are Zbrush, Auto CAD, 3D Max.

3D model

2. World’s most used 3D printing method is – Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). 3D Printer work as a Creator for your Digital File or Model. A filament spool or 3D printing material i.e. PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG etc. are firstly loaded in the 3D printer. Filament moves through the multiple channels from extrusion motor, transparent pipe and in the end nozzle where it melts. Some 3D Printer also has Filament sense function for changing filament indication.

3D Printing
3d Printer and 3D Printing Filament

3.  3D Printed works on a Tri Axis System i.e. X-axis, Y-axis & Z-axis  and nozzle carrying filament is free to move in two of axis mostly X & Y. In some DIY 3D Printers where Heat Bed moves nozzle is free to move in Y & X axis. After some machine command like nozzle and heat bed Temperature. Material started melting and gets excluded from nozzle on the bed surface layer by layer. 2 Cooling Fans is used to instantly cool the layers of 3D Filament at every layer.

3d Printing

4. After every printed layer build platform moves down or nozzle moves upward. (This is totally dependent on machine command). Process repeats in itself until the 3D model is completely created. When each layer is united on the build platform / heat bed final output is real physical object.

5. Finally you can now take out your physical 3d Object from 3D Printer Carefully. This 3D Printing Process takes less time than the traditional manufacturing method and your 3D file is now ready for the use as a physical object.

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