Frequently Asked Questions

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What is 3D Miniature?

3d Miniatureis a 3d figurine of the person! It is developed in 3d technology and then printed in a 3d printer in ABS / PLA material.

What It is Made Up Of?

Our 3d Miniature or 3d figurines are made of PlA/ ABS. Currently, we are printing all figurines in PlA/ ABS. Other than figurines, we can print other 3d objects in other plastic, strong and flexible plastic, elasto platic, castable wax, porcelain,ceramic gold, platinum, silver, precious plated metal, bronze, steel.

Why Do I want 3D Miniature?

Who does not want an exact replica version of himself/herself? It is an amazing gift product. You can order ityou’re your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, family, children, loved ones and deceased person.

Do you Just Made 3D Miniature of Humans?

No, we make 3d figurines of pets – dogs, cats, horses etc. Also we Work For Big Assigned Architecture project. 3D Home Designing

How Detailed Be My 3d Miniature?

Your 3d Miniature will be very detailed. If you order 6+ inches, the face is more detailed than rest 5 inches.

How it is Printed?

To print Miniature, the PLA is used in 3d printer as the material and then It is printed layer By Layer while depositing material on to a Heat bed.

I want to resell Your Product How Do I Do it?

For any reselling and business inquiries, please email us [email protected]

How long does my figurine take to get finished and ready for shipment?

Usually the process takes about 2-4 weeks, in case of high demand it may go up to 3 to 7 weeks. We are working hard on our in house developments to make the production fast.

Can I order reprints of my figurine?

Absolutely. We have your digital data archived.

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